Grow As We Go

It’s exciting to announce a new initiative – Grow As We Go originates in and builds from the legacy of My Home Life, a highly successful relationship-centred leadership programme to enhance the experience of those who live, die, visit and work in care homes for older people.

I’m working again with Belinda Dewar, Fiona Cook and Edel Roddy. We call this short on-line programme “Grow As We Go” reflecting both the commitment to practical learning rooted in the principles and practices of relational practice, appreciation, and collaboration and the ability of commissioners and participants to shape the programme to meet needs in different care settings.

The specifics of the programme arise from a recent consultation with care home staff with experience of My Home Life, to ensure the programme honours their experiences from these times of challenge, helps them to incorporate their learning from recent times and move forward in a positive way.  

We are a experienced facilitators who have worked across health and social care, including the facilitation of My Home Life and related relational and appreciative programmes.  Through this programme, we intend to support reflection and exploration of their experiences that supports people to discover sources of nourishment and energy for themselves and their teams to meet the ongoing challenges. We want to nurture connections and bonds between residents, staff and families in care homes, creating cultures which strengthen people’s confidence to work with uncertainty and innovation. Finally, we want to enhance collaboration that fosters effective cross-sector working and helps to make health and social care integration a reality. 

We are confident that it can support previous My Home Life participants to reconnect with their earlier learning and provide stimulus and support for those who are new to the approach.

There’s more here in this programme flyer. Please take a look at what we are offering, and to come back to us with questions. We expect to co-create a bespoke programme which will help meet the needs of care home managers, staff, residents and their families in each area.

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