Peer reviewed writing

The Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize

In memory of Dione Hills, the Tavistock Institute and the UK Evaluation Society have awarded a prize for the best short paper on the application of complexity-informed thinking in the field of evaluation. Winner Cathy Sharp (2021) Be a participant, not a spectator – new territories for evaluation, Announcement here, publication forthcoming.

Chapter Summary

Encounters with the Participatory Imagination in the UK Action Research Community: Interplays and Silences (2022)  Cathy Sharp and Ruth Balogh.  This is part of a series of chapter summaries of the Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry.


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Book Chapters

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Book reviews

Sharp, C. (2019) Book review of Action learning and action research: genres and approaches, Action Learning: Research and Practice, DOI: 10.1080/14767333.2019.1655974

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