Collective Leadership report Nov 2018Research for Real promotes learning by providing facilitation, advice and support using participatory, appreciative and action research approaches.

“The point of research should be to talk to each other about what we ought to be doing.”

Research for Real works to support learning and capacity building in a wide range of public, third sector and social enterprise organisations, networks, communities and partnerships where social outcomes and social responsibility matter.

Action research, as we work with it, supports processes of ongoing individual and wider organisational learning in ways that are appreciative, critical, creative and collaborative and which bring practical results that are immediately applicable to the specific situation or problem.

BooksLearning in action and from experience are central to the process of change. In other words, it’s important to try things out and reflect, adapt and try again and to do this in an intelligent, inclusive and systematic way.

We have an established 21 year track record of delivery of high quality, thoughtful and practical research and consultancy projects.  There’s more on our approach here.  We integrate theory and practice and actively contribute to peer reviewed publications.