Caring conversations in action

Taking time to hear the stories that matter to matter pays off in the long run…it’s just the way we do things round here.7A


Asking for feedback can feel a bit embarrassing but we find the courage because it’s good to know what works well.




We see inequalities sensitive practice as more than providing equality of care to clients.   We stay curious and find a way to ask what people need. 




These are just three positive practice pointers that were developed in a recent Inequalities Sensitive Practice inquiry involved practitioners working in early years, homelessness and primary care mental health settings in North East Glasgow.

A strong message from the inquiry is that inequalities sensitive practice is about more than whether services are providing ‘equality of care’ to clients, patients or service users.  It is also about professional practice, the daily business of how staff interact with the people they work with – their clients and with each other.   Read more here about how using caring conversations helped to uncover the good practice under the radar.

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