Don’t do it unless you have to?

We know that multi-agency partnership working is difficult.

“Collaboration is by nature inefficient.  It is only sensible to collaborate if real collaborative advantage can be envisaged.  The strongest piece of advice, therefore, is ‘don’t do it unless you have to’”. 

Here’s a new set of reports that document the lessons from the Fife Alcohol Partnership Project.  There are lots of lessons from the overall approach likely to be of interest to others facing similar challenges across Scotland and the wider UK. It is likely to be of particular interest to members of Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, Community Planning Partnerships and all those with an interest in the public service reform agenda.

The reports are available on the FASS website.

•Quote from: Doing Things Collaboratively: Realizing the Advantage or Succumbing to Inertia?  Professor Chris Huxham and Siv Vangen, Organizational Dynamics, Vol 33, No 2 2004, University of Strathclyde


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