Action research makes an impact?

One of my ‘favourite’ quotes is from a former Chief Research Officer who said that “Evidence-based policy is all very well, but at the end of the day, politics wins out”.  So in that spirit, it’s great to hear that a Research for Real action research  project is being discussed in the Scottish Parliament.   We’ll update you on the funding position as soon as we know.   UPDATE:  Both interim and final reports are now available on the projects page.  

Excerpt taken from Meeting of the Parliament 27 January 2011

3. To ask the Scottish Executive, in light of the getting it right for every child approach, what plans it has to ensure that children and young people experiencing and recovering from domestic abuse receive appropriate support. (S3O-12784)

  • The Minister for Children and Early Years (Adam Ingram): In 2010-11, we provided £4.16 million for the children’s services-women’s aid fund, which supports the network of children’s workers throughout Scotland. I was delighted to announce in the Parliament on 23 December last year that we will continue to fund those important local services at the same level for 2011-12.
  • Cathy Peattie: That answer is very welcome.

    The minister will be aware of the positive evaluations of the children experiencing domestic abuse recovery pilot projects in Edinburgh, Fife and Forth valley in my constituency in a report that is appropriately entitled “Through the eyes of a bairn”. What is the timescale for delivering that important project?

  • Adam Ingram: We are looking at funding the CEDAR project through the new early years and early intervention fund. We are working up details on the scope and management of the new fund and eligibility for it, and we will make an announcement as soon as we can.
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