Focus on Appreciative Facilitation – An invitation to join an on-line reflective practice set

“[How can we] build in routine times, spaces and sacrosanct places for observing and speaking (especially at cross-purposes), far far sooner – before too much damage is done and before too many unwanted ways become ‘the ways we do things around here (or else)’?” (Wadsworth, 2011)

How can we work with the best of the here and now?

How can we be better at noticing and working with what’s strong, what’s working well and what matters to people and communities?

As practitioners that seek to support others and not do things ‘to’ people, how do we make that shift to genuinely working alongside people?

How much further can we take our so-called soft skills?

When we’re rushing around, how can we look at old issues with new eyes?

If Yoland Wadsworth’s challenge and these questions resonate with you, you might be interested to join an on-line ‘appreciative action learning’ set to develop your practice of relationship-centred and appreciative facilitation.  You may not be in a formal facilitation or leadership role, but if you are interested in how to create the conditions and support change with others, then it could be for you.

The intention is to co-create a safe and stretching space to support reflection and learning.  As a small group of practitioners, we will reflect on the live issues we are working with and consider what action we each may take with the intention of changing the way that we work.  We will encourage each other to try things out in our own environment between sessions.  This approach is based the recognition that people learn best when they learn with and from each other by working on real problems and reflecting on their own experiences. 

It is likely to be useful for people working in a wide range of public services; those working with complex change; people with a brief to develop participation or build communities; those engaged in facilitation of learning or supervision; and action researchers and practice developers.  We will seek to share our knowledge and experience to create the conditions for sustaining and improving services, organisations and communities. Further details, dates and costs are available here.

If you are interested, please contact Cathy to express an interest before 1st August 2019.  Contact details:

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