This page explores the development of storytelling as a participatory and appreciative action research practice.

We’ve worked with others to produce digital stories as Learning on the Run productions.

Our Home Life What’s Great About Care Homes in East Ayrshire from Vimeo.

These two digital stories accompany the Animating Assets report Positive Conversations, Meaningful Change and capture the participants’ experiences of working in an asset-based way and how this developed in two different localities in north Glasgow:

Changing Schools Together: the Stories.  This is a great resource from Space Unlimited about using stories to measure change in schools and embed story sharing and sense making into evaluation.

The Cedar Stories of Change are also a powerful testament to the strengths of the Cedar programme and illustrate a way to create safety and fuller participation in story telling and analysis.

Here’s an example of using appreciative story gathering in a community setting from 2010  Modest and mighty: stories of health and well being from Langside and Linn

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