Our approach


Image used with kind permission of NES Education for Scotland

  • Using action research as an approach to inquiry to support collaboration, organisational and community learning and leadership development amongst practitioners and partnerships.
  • Enhancing the quality of participation, consultation and strategic planning processes within and across organisations and communities.
  • Provision of high quality qualitative and quantitative social research and evaluation.
  • Assistance in thinking through a new approach to research and building support for novel approaches.
  • Advice on multi-stakeholder inclusion and collaboration in research and the participation of research users and target audiences so that research is integrated into practice.
  • Advice on developing monitoring and evaluation systems that get to the heart of what matters.
  • Outcome focused evaluation advice and support.
  • Facilitation and evaluation of action learning.
  • Ideas for new methods to promote dialogue amongst partnerships to get people talking about and acting on the issues that matter.
  • Capacity building for people and organisations in new approaches to research and evaluation.
  • Facilitation of participatory evaluation of projects and programmes and of action research processes in communities and organisations.
  • A Critical Friend or Learning Partner role for  communities and organisations.