Making a difference

Learning from research and evaluation: evidence about good practice is failing to become good practice.

There’s a big gap between the rhetoric and reality of policy and practice in many public and voluntary services. Many organisations are ‘data-rich, but knowledge poor’.

“We don’t translate the fantastic knowledge we have from
our people working in the field, into learning”

“If simply being better at dissemination is the solution, then what’s the problem?”

Action research is a way to generate and test evidence of ‘what works’, how things work and how good practice can become embedded in ways of working to deliver services, manage organisations and involve communities. Action research is not research that sits on the shelf, ignored, unread and easily dismissed. The changes in ways of working that we seek are more likely to actually happen because those who are expected to do things differently have been involved in the process of testing out the research in the real world. It is not the strength of evidence that gets it used, but the facilitation of the generation and testing of that evidence, by those expected to use it.

This report it is likely to be relevant for policy makers and practitioners in health, social care and other areas of public sector service delivery with an interest in integrating evidence into practice. Supporting Evidence Based Practice Through Action Research

Is action research for you? Click here for more on the opportunities and barriers.   This links to a pdf file.