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Action research is a large ‘extended family’ of approaches to inquiry that includes appreciative inquiry, action learning, action inquiry, participatory research, systemic action research and design methodologies.

We provide a range of support as appropriate to build the confidence and capacity of people to develop inquiry as a process of ‘learning in action’ to support and improve their work.

CS1-aWe  provide methodological advice and other kinds of expertise to promote useful and high quality qualitative, quantitative and participatory research.

We facilitate small and large group processes and help you to find ways to maximise the participation of key stakeholders, professionals and community members at all stages of the process.

We adapt and use innovative methods to draw on the rich experience and expertise available within organisations and communities and to help people make sense for themselves of what each of them know, bringing in multiple perspectives to the research process and testing wider resonance.

“What struck me was the seamless flow of things… didn’t seem like hard work, probably because we started off story telling, but also the hard thinking was there too.  The real engagement is invigorating.”

We have recently contributed to  the Life Changes Trust Evaluation Toolkit

Older but still useful guidance on specific research methods is available here How to Gather Views on Service Quality

Cartoon © Kate Charlesworth

This guidance is useful for anyone interested in improving public services. It was originally published by Communities Scotland and the Scottish Housing Regulator and is now published here with permission.